Honkai Impact 3 2.9.0 For Android

“Honkai, a mysterious force that annihilated human civilization on several occasions, has re-emerged in this once peaceful world…”
A squad of young girls burdened with the very last hopes of humanity must fight for survival in this apocalyptic world filled with zombies and Honkai beasts.
As the Captain of the Hyperion, you must lead these girls into battle against zombies and Honkai beasts in various locales around the world. Experience the girls’ unique personalities, challenge and conquer various raids and stages, and enjoy the rich storyline of the Honkai Universe! Join the Valkyries and fight for all that is beautiful in the world!

Version features
【Spring Flurry】
Shenzhou traditions place great importance in this Spring Reunion Dinner! Start cooking with your Valkyries aboard the Hyperion!
Psst! The winning team gets a special present from Theresa!
Mystery man sighted in the Chat Room along with loads of strange HOMU chests! Tons of Spring Festival surprises await!
Kiana Idiotka! Keep your hands off the Captain’s share of the food!

【Argent Knight: Artemis】
The Goddess of Frost is armed with a razor-sharp scythe and imprisons evil in an eternal prison of ice.
Rita’s [Argent Knight: Artemis] S-rank battlesuit is ready for battle!
With her Glacial Armor and lethal familiar known as the Crescent Harvest, Rita is more than ready to annihilate her foes.
Awake, Queen of Frost!

【Augment Core】
After the Arc City incident, the crew of the Hyperion consolidated their forces to continue their search for Kiana.
Expecting more dangers ahead, Dr. Tesla initiated Project: Raiment Augments.
New powers such as Current Converter and Avatar of Blades will transform Mei into a deadly weapon for upcoming battles.
Augment Core activated! “Valkyrie Bladestrike battlesuit augmentation complete! Requesting mission deployment!”

【Equipment Updates】
[Skadi Ondurgud] is a relic of the North. This icy scythe will slice through enemies of the Frost Goddess.
[Robert Peary]: A fearless explorer and leader of the Polar Expedition has arrived to aid you in the Honkai Campaign!

[SUPPORT]Please don’t hesitate to contact the in-game customer service center for any problem you encounter!
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1. Spring Flurry
2. New battlesuit: [Argent Knight: Artemis]3. Augment Core
4. New weapons and stigmata.

Honkai Impact 3 For Android 4.3+

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Honkai Impact 3 2.9.0 screenshots 1
Honkai Impact 3 2.9.0 screenshots 1
Honkai Impact 3 2.9.0 screenshots 2
Honkai Impact 3 2.9.0 screenshots 2
Honkai Impact 3 2.9.0 screenshots 3
Honkai Impact 3 2.9.0 screenshots 3


Honkai Impact 3 2.9.0 For Android

Current Version : 2.9.0
Requires Android : Android 4.3+
APK Rating : 9.3
Installs : 1,000,000+
APK Vote : 189933
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