Laptop Repair 3.0 Free

Alexlaptoprepair is an ( Arabic ) informative app for diagnosing and repairing laptop problems.
This online application tells all about Laptops doesn’t turn on at all , laptop Screen is blank , Laptop turns on and off repeatedly , Battery not charging properly , Laptop makes noise while running , Laptop shuts down or freezes , Screen light fails , Strange or garbled image on the screen , Some keyboard keys stopped working , Repetitive beep sound on startup , How to fix when Liquid spill , laptop audio not work , Power Failure , Video Failure , Hard Drive Failure , Ports and Power Connector

Features: (Always updated)
• Laptop Repairing Videos
• Laptop Troubleshooting and Repair
• Laptop Bios Bin and KBC Firmwares “Free Download”
• Laptop Schematics and Datasheets “Free Download”
• Laptop Master Password Generator for Bios and HDD
• IC and chipset equivalents
• Use Search to find specific issue
• There are Notifications for new posts and videos about laptop repairing
• Resistor color code decoder (3-6 bands)
• SMD Resistor Code calculator
• Save Posts for offline viewing
• Verify certificate for enrolled students in laptop repairing course

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Weekly explanations for diagnosing and troubleshooting a wide range of laptops brands

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Optimize your laptop maintenance video player
Full improvement in application Style
Fixed Bugs

Laptop Repair For Android 4.2+

Most Wallpaper Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair 3.0 screenshots 1
Laptop Repair 3.0 screenshots 1
Laptop Repair 3.0 screenshots 2
Laptop Repair 3.0 screenshots 2
Laptop Repair 3.0 screenshots 3
Laptop Repair 3.0 screenshots 3


Laptop Repair 3.0 Free

Current Version : 3.0
Requires Android : Android 4.2+
APK Rating : 8.0
Installs : 10,000+
APK Vote : 78

Category: Education

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