Urban Armor Gear Ice Case for MacBook

how to Urban Armor Gear Ice Case for MacBook

Urban Armor Gear Ice Case for MacBook Urban Armor Gear’s new Ice Case ($80) is now available for the 12” MacBook, 13” MacBook Pro, and 13” MacBook Air — the last of which is pictured here. Made mostly of hard plastic, Ice also has rubber sections to protect the edges of a MacBook. A back section of the case — where the MacBook’s hinge opens — is covered in the company’s FrogSkin, a softer material that offers a better grip when carrying the laptop. Additional features of the case include a locking screen closure and cooling vents to increase air flow below the MacBook.While $80 is a fair amount for a MacBook case, Ice has a few features that might make it worth the price. Ice’s hard plastic shell and rubber corners offer better, fuller coverage than most MacBook cases. This is a case to buy if you know your MacBook is going to take a few bumps. It’s also nice that the extra protection doesn’t add up to a lot of extra bulk, as Ice is a lightweight case. The other main benefit is the screen closure — the top two corners extend enough lock with the bottom of the case when Ice is closed shut, ensuring a drop won’t cause your MacBook to pop open.

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