Uncover Custom MacBook Lids

how to Uncover Custom MacBook Lids

Uncover Custom MacBook Lids Chances are you’ve seen a Snow White or Banksy decal on the back of someone’s Mac, incorporating the glowing Apple logo into a larger image. But what would you say to a design that’s actually cut into the metal lid? This is what Uncover offers with its custom MacBook lids (€199+/~$261+). Available for all aluminum MacBooks, the range of artist-designed and tailor made images means you can have a computer that is truly unique from everyone else’s.Uncover offers you the ability to either send in your MacBook Air or Pro, or order one fresh with the customizations already in place. Either way, it takes advantage of the fact that there’s an entire light panel underneath the lid. Designs range from simple images around the Apple logo to more complex shapes that erase it altogether. Needless to say, the folks at the Genius Bar may not look too kindly on the modification if anything goes wrong.

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