Twelve South Rutledge BookBook for MacBook

how to Twelve South Rutledge BookBook for MacBook

Twelve South Rutledge BookBook for MacBook Twelve South has had a busy few weeks when it comes to updated iDevice accessories; check out its new SurfacePad for iPad mini and Compass 2. Now it’s decided to give the Mac some love with Rutledge BookBook for MacBook ($100). The South Carolina-based company has had versions of its leather, book-inspired MacBook case since 2010, and those initial versions can still be had for $80. Rutledge is an aesthetic update, and boy, is it pretty. Available for the current lineup of MacBook Airs and Pros, this BookBook has two covers, a spine that helps prevent damage, and a zipper that keeps it shut. Inside, there’s a padded lining and two elastic straps meant to hold the top corners of your Mac’s display. But that’s all old — it’s the outside that’s new. Instead of the matte material, this one is glossy leather, with each unit sporting a unique finish. Multiple layers of color are added, and then bits and pieces are removed, leaving a design Twelve South says is inspired by electric guitars. This case will certainly garner attention when you’re out and about, but will also hopefully keep your MacBook safe from theft, and free of dings and scratches. For fans of BookBook who want an even more unique design, our initial impression of Rutledge is very positive.

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