Twelve South HiRise Stand for MacBook

how to Twelve South HiRise Stand for MacBook

Twelve South HiRise Stand for MacBook Having just released HiRise for iMac, Twelve South apparently felt that the MacBook line deserves some love, too. So here it is: the HiRise Stand for MacBook ($70). Although the execution is different between the models, they both offer an attractive way to elevate your Mac to a comfortable height. This HiRise is designed to work with MacBooks of all shapes and sizes, from the 11” Air all the way up to the gone but not forgotten 17” Pro.Instead of resembling a shelf like the iMac version, the MacBook take on HiRise is a metal stand with a large sturdy foot and a spring-loaded post that moves up and down. At the top is an angled v-shaped holder lined with silicone to hold your computer. The design also allows for maximum air circulation, something that may be particularly handy for users running Retina display-equipped Macs, which tend to get warm. The base has Teflon rails on the underside so that it doesn’t scratch up your desk. All in all, it seems like a well-designed, useful stand—the sort of product we expect from Twelve South these days.

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