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how to Twelve South HiRise for iMac

Twelve South HiRise for iMac We’ve been impressed with plenty of Twelve South’s products in the past, but the company may have just outdone itself. Its just-announced HiRise for iMac ($80) could be its coolest product to date. HiRise not only elevates your iMac or Thunderbolt Display to one of six different levels, it also adds a hidden compartment for storing accessories. And man, does it look good. Updated October 3, 2012 with pictures and hands-on impressions!Twelve South didn’t skimp on this accessory one bit: HiRise is made of heavy-duty metal, and the company makes clear that it’s strong enough to hold even a 27” iMac; over-engineered is the term it uses. You slide the metal support into whichever of the grooves you like best, put the foot of your iMac on it, and you’re done. Perforated plates on the front and back keep HiRise looking clean, but can be removed so you can use the extra space for storage. There’s even enough room for a Mac mini. The stand also addresses a fairly common concern: place a Thunderbolt Display at the second level and it’ll line up with an iMac.After having a chance to play around with HiRise, we’re even more impressed: it arrives in a beautiful box, feels totally solid, and is really easy to put together. The only difficult part may be screwing on the backplate, depending on where you have your iMac positioned. Otherwise, we’re very happy with both the concept and the execution of this accessory; it truly seems perfectly at home at the base of the iMac.

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