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Twelve South Curve for MacBook Twelve South’s latest desktop solution, Curve for MacBook ($50), is an elegant MacBook stand that brings back a classic design from yesteryear, clearly echoing Griffin’s well-known 2003-era iCurve — the world’s first Mac laptop stand — reimagining the original minimalist acrylic design in flowing matte black aluminum. It’s a classy aesthetic for those who appreciate the Apple design ethos and want their accessories to match.Designed for those who want to keep their MacBook screen elevated while using an external keyboard and mouse, Curve for MacBook brings the screen up to 6.5 inches while still keeping 70% of the MacBook base exposed so that you get optimal cooling, while also keeping the hinge positioned for easy one-handed opening and closing. It’s especially useful if you’re using a dual-screen setup, as it keeps the MacBook display aligned with your other monitors, but even if you’re only using your MacBook by itself, Curve can help relieve pain and stress by elevating your screen to a proper ergonomic standard for maximum comfort, reducing neck and shoulder tension.

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