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Twelve South BookArc Space Grey Although Apple’s venerable silver brushed aluminum design is still what most of us visualize when we think “MacBook,” Apple has of course been changing it up a bit in recent years, creating some challenges for finding accessories that perfectly complement the Apple aesthetic. Fortunately, Twelve South is on top of it, recently updating its iconic BookArc for MacBook with a new Space Grey colour option that will appeal to users who prefer the darker side of the MacBook family. Let’s face it, a lot of MacBook owners consider their laptops an art piece to be displayed, and in that case, putting a Space Grey MacBook Pro into a silver BookArc just won’t work.Other than the new colour option, it’s the same BookArc that we all know and love, letting you place your MacBook vertically to save room on your desk while allowing cables to be cleanly routed to reduce clutter so you can still work with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a full desktop setup. The design is optimized to fit most MacBooks, and there’s a cable catch integrated so your wires won’t fall behind your desk when you unplug your MacBook to hit the road. It’s an elegant yet functional way to show off your MacBook while still keeping it out of the way.

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