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how to Twelve South BookArc for Mac Pro

Twelve South BookArc for Mac Pro A BookArc for the Mac Pro ($60)? Why not? Twelve South certainly seems to have thought so, adapting its elegantly simple MacBook stand for Apple’s most powerhouse desktop Mac, providing not only a way to hold your Mac Pro, but a way to make it shine like the high-tech work of art that it is. Made from an interior of solid steel with polished chrome on the outside and soft silicone padding on the inset, this new BookArc holds your Mac Pro on its side – a perfectly acceptable position as far as Apple is concerned – where it can operate horizontally, reducing the Mac Pro’s profile and giving you more flexibility to place it where you want, with a resulting look that ends up reminiscent of a futuristic jet engine.Instead of the matte design of its prior BookArc stands, Twelve South went with a polished finish here to reflect the black gloss of the Mac Pro rather than trying to emulate it, and a polishing cloth is even thoughtfully provided to help maintain the mirror finish of the stand. The lower profile is also a boon to professional studio installations, where the BookArc will allow a Mac Pro to consume less rack space and flow the cabling out side-to-side for proper rack-mounted power cord isolation.

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