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how to Twelve South BaseLift for MacBook

Twelve South BaseLift for MacBook If you do a lot of typing on your MacBook on the go, you may have discovered that the angle isn’t always optimal for comfort. That’s what Twelve South hopes to address with BaseLift for MacBook ($40), an integrated stand and laptop pad that’s always ready to both protect your lap and bring your MacBook to the optimal typing angle for doing serious work.Super-thin and microfiber-layered, BaseLift attaches to the bottom of any MacBook, and sits there innocuously without adding any significant thickness. During normal use, it works as a lap pad, insulating your thighs from the hot or cold aluminum bottom of your MacBook, but when you need a stand, you can quickly fold it out to angle your Mac up for comfortable typing. Since BaseLift is so thin, it’s easy to leave it attached to your MacBook, and it will still fit into most bags and laptop cases. While Twelve South doesn’t expect you’ll ever want to remove BaseLift from the bottom of your MacBook, should you decide to do so, the SurfaceGrip technology the company uses allows it to easily be detached without leaving any messy surface residue behind.

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