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Twelve South BackPack 2 Twelve South is back at it again. This time, the Mac-only accessory maker has updated one of its first accessories to version two: BackPack 2 ($35) can now be ordered from the company’s website. It’s not a dramatic departure from the original iMac shelf, but has been tweaked and tailored enough to stand out on its own. Whether you’re using it for an external hard drive, MacBook Air, or even just your wallet, Twelve South outdid itself in renewing one of its signature products. Updated August 6, 2012 with comparison shots and hands-on details!As before, BackPack 2 is a slab of metal that attaches to the legs of desktop Macs, and also works with Cinema and Thunderbolt Displays. Adjustable clips allow it to be positioned as high or as low as you want it, and Twelve South now officially supports front mounting as well. The package includes four silicone-coated pegs that allow the shelf to hold accessories or a MacBook Air vertically, while cables can be run through rails on either edge. You can even put two BackPack 2s on one Mac.Now that we’ve had a chance to test BackPack 2, it’s clear that it’s a nice evolution and superior option for new users, but not a necessary upgrade for existing users. Although the aluminum is a bit thinner, it still feels incredibly solid. What really helps to justify the slightly higher price are the addition of the non-slip pads and vertical support pegs, which make the shelf more stable for holding important items. If you already have a BackPack, there’s every reason to stick with it. But if you’re new to the concept of a little shelf and are looking for a way to clear off your desk, the sequel is elegantly designed and easy to install.

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