Toshiba Canvio Home Backup & Share

how to Toshiba Canvio Home Backup & Share

Toshiba Canvio Home Backup & Share Of course it’s a great idea to backup your Mac regularly, and thanks to Time Machine, there are plenty of drives that do that for you easily. The latest drives build upon the basics with convenient implementations, at lower prices. So even though Toshiba’s Canvio Home Backup & Share ($150) is far from the first networked drive around, we’re interested because it’s inexpensive and easy to use.Coming in 2TB and 3TB configurations, Canvio connects to your Mac over USB, gets plugged into the wall, and also has a port for an Ethernet plug. When it’s connected to a network, you’re able to access its content from all your devices, including other computers, iPhones, and iPads, from wherever you are. Think of it as a private, local cloud for all your stuff.

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