Toffee Envelope for MacBook Air

how to Toffee Envelope for MacBook Air

Toffee Envelope for MacBook Air A sleek, simple, leather laptop holder—that’s what you get with Toffee’s Envelope, available for the 11” MacBook Air ($90), as well as the 13” MacBook Air ($100). Available in five colors for each size, there aren’t a lot of surprises here, but if you’re willing to pay a premium for nice leather, Envelope might be worth checking out.As the name would suggest, the case looks like an envelope, with a flap that folds down to hold the computer in place. The walls are semi-rigid, to help protect your computer a little more. Even though it ships from Australia, Toffee offers free shipping to any location in the world; just watch out for whatever import fees or customs charges may get added on.

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