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Ten One Design Blockhead Ten One Design’s Blockhead is another solution to the MacBook’s sometimes unwieldy plug, which causes the power supply to jut out from the wall. Blockhead replaces the power adapter’s plug with its own removable plug, enabling the adapter to charge while flush to the wall. Blockhead works with MacBook power adapters, whether 29W, 60W, or 85W, and the little blue plug also works with the 12W iPad charger. One Blockhead goes for $20, and a two-pack costs $35.Whether or not Apple’s power adapters are actually a problem depend on the user, and his or her usual workstation or charging outlet. If you do prefer a side plug, Blockhead is convenient, and easy to swap into the power supply. However, unlike the MacBook’s own removable plug, Blockhead’s plug doesn’t fold — it remains fixed sticking straight out. Because Blockhead is swappable, it doesn’t have to be a permanent solution — business travelers may find one handy to have around while searching for a suitable outlet in an airport or office.

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