STM Dux for MacBook Air

how to STM Dux for MacBook Air

STM Dux for MacBook Air We’ve seen STM’s Dux for both iPhone and iPad before, and now we have an early look at the MacBook Air edition of the protective case. STM’s Dux for MacBook Air ($60) is a transparent polycarbonate case with TPU edges for drop protection. Four textured rubber feet on the bottom of Dux prevent your MacBook from slipping on a smooth surface. We received the 13” MacBook Air version of Dux, but a 11” MacBook Air version should be available, as well. The 13” version should be released in late April/early May.Dux comes in two separate parts to protect the top and bottom of a MacBook Air. Both parts clip on to the edges of an Air, but the design still allows for complete port access. Some users may rightfully be concerned about weighing down the light MacBook Air, as Dux for the 13” MacBook Air is 0.78 pounds. Considering the current 13” MacBook Air weighs 2.96 pounds, Dux will bring the total weight to 3.74 pounds, which is still about 0.76 pounds less than a current MacBook Pro. The amount of width and length added by Dux is minimal. If you’re not concerned about the extra weight, Dux is a nice protective option. It shows off the back of the MacBook, and its two-piece design allows for easy installation and use.

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