Satechi Type-C Pro Hub for MacBook Pro

how to Satechi Type-C Pro Hub for MacBook Pro

Satechi Type-C Pro Hub for MacBook Pro There have been a lot of concerns raised over the past few months about Apple’s decision to go strictly USB-C with its new 2016 MacBook Pro lineup, but fortunately as always third-party vendors are happy to step in with solutions that fill the void. Satechi’s new Type-C Pro Hub ($100) provides another missing puzzle piece, taking your shiny new MacBook Pro beyond the four USB-C ports to add just about everything else you might need while adding minimal bulk.First you get the Thunderbolt 3 port that provides pass-through charging for both the 61W and 87W MacBook Pro power adapters, as well as data transfers at speeds of up to 40 Gbps. Add to this a 4k HDMI port, an additional USB-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, and an SD/Micro card reader, and there’s very little you won’t be able to connect to your MacBook Pro. Further, since it only docks on one side, you still get two of the built-in USB-C ports free to use for other purposes, or even connect a second Type-C Pro Hub to the other side.  The Pro Hub also features a sleek aluminum design — in either silver or space grey — that fits right in with the MacBook Pro’s aesthetic.

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