Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub for iMac


Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub for iMac In the world of Mac accessories, Satechi is probably best known for its varied lineup of stylish aluminum USB-C hubs and adapters that beautifully match the Mac aesthetic. While most of the company’s hubs have been targeted toward MacBook users, the company has also previously offered an iMac hub that simply clamped onto the bottom of an iMac, providing a collection of easily accessible USB ports. Now Satechi is taking that concept to the next level with its Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub for iMac, a sleek stand that will elevate your iMac in more ways than one.Satechi’s new stand/hub combo features the company’s signature design, and it’s not only available in silver, but also comes in space gray to match the iMac Pro. A collection of ports built into the stand offer connectivity for USB-C and USB 3.0 devices, along with a pair of microSD and SD card slots and an audio jack, all facing forward for easy access. This also isn’t only for users of the newest iMacs — Satechi is also including its Aluminum Type-A to Type-C Adapter with the stand, providing easy compatibility for older iMacs as well.

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