Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp

how to Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp

Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp Satechi is continuing its run of desktop accessories made to match the Mac’s aesthetic, this time with the Flexible LED Desk Lamp ($70). Clad in silver with metal and plastic elements, it’ll look right at home next to a MacBook or iMac. Touch controls, a flexible neck, and iPhone-ready charging capabilities all make it that much more interesting.The lamp’s 18 LEDs can be adjusted to five different levels of brightness. Tapping on the base turns it on or off, and once it’s shining, holding your finger there changes the setting. Thanks to a flexible gooseneck, the light can shine virtually anywhere you need it, which can be quite helpful. On the back of the unit’s base, you’ll find the power port for the included wall adapter, and a USB port that can charge accessories if you provide a cable. Since it only puts out 1.5 Amps of power, though, iPads won’t charge at full speed. We like the look and feel of the lamp, and even if it’s not as powerful as it could be, the USB port is appreciated—we can never seem to have enough at our desk.

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