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Quirky Scribe It can be a pain to use a MacBook in bed or anywhere else there’s no hard flat surface—angling the computer relative to yourself can be a challenge. Quirky’s Scribe ($35) attempts to solve that problem. Described as a “modular desk,” the plastic workstation provides an easy way to elevate and use your computer even when you’re curled up in your sheets.Scribe has two work surfaces—one designed for laptop use, the other for writing—so you just flip it over when it comes time to switch tasks. Each side has small elastic loops for holding writing instruments, while two larger ones can grab books or binders. The curled edge is designed to be able to hang on a bed frame when Scribe isn’t in use. Our only real concern is the large curled lip at the bottom, which might get in the way of the trackpad and angle your wrists uncomfortably when typing.

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