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Penclic Bluetooth B2 Mouse If you’re past the point of wanting to use a traditional mouse or trackpad, Penclic’s Bluetooth B2 Mouse ($90) may fit your needs as the next input device for your Mac. Akin to a pen, it enables your wrist and hand to move vertically, which is supposedly healthier than the classic horizontal positions required by traditional mice and pads. Of course, you’ll have to give up Multi-Touch features, but the ergonomics may well be worth it, especially if you already have wrist issues.Bluetooth B2 Mouse actually moves around your desk, but it doesn’t require a mousepad. There are five buttons on the pen’s shaft, plus a scroll wheel on the base, and the rechargeable battery inside lasts up to two months. We’re sure it will take some getting used to, but who knows—maybe input devices like this will become more popular over time.

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