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how to Pablo Cortina + Elise Lamps

Pablo Cortina + Elise Lamps If you’re searching for a lamp to match your Mac, lighting maker Pablo likely has just what you’re looking for. While it has a number of different lighting solutions available, we especially like Cortina ($240-$500) and Elise ($108-$500), two lamps that make great complements to Apple’s design aesthetic. Each is available in sizes suited to either floor or table mounting. The wide price ranges are a result of the variety of heights: Cortina runs between 24 and 72 inches, while Elise measures in from 12” to 80”. Cortina’s aluminum base is squat and square while Elise’s is taller and round. They both have diffuser shields to make up the rest of their height, while creating cool visual effects. Pablo’s lamps may not be cheap, but they look sharp, and will definitely enhance both the illumination and style of your office.

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