OWC RAM for Mac Pro (Late 2013)

how to OWC RAM for Mac Pro (Late 2013)

OWC RAM for Mac Pro (Late 2013) With a $3,000 starting price, it may be hard to justify upgrading the new Mac Pro beyond its basic specs when you make the purchase. Thankfully this unit is mostly user-upgradable, including its RAM, and like always, OWC is ready to go with RAM upgrades ($75-$859). While Apple charges up to $1,200 for the maximum RAM — four 16GB chips equalling 64GB total — OWC charges $341 less for the same array. Mac Pro users can choose 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB modules, and there’s room in the computer for up to four at a time. OWC even offers a trade-in program, allowing you to get $25 by sending in the original 4GB modules, or $56.25 for 8GB sticks. If you’re going with 16GB modules, be careful; the kind of RAM Apple uses in the Pro doesn’t allow you to mix and match them with smaller modules.

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