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how to Moshi Codex MacBook Case

Moshi Codex MacBook Case There are plenty of neoprene sleeves for MacBooks out there, and hard plastic cases that snap on to the top and bottom of your machine. Moshi’s upcoming Codex MacBook Case ($70-$80) is something different. Available later this summer for all MacBook Airs and Retina display MacBook Pros, the case offers benefits over other styles, such as the ability to use your MacBook without removing it. It’s also truly distinctive looking, although it fits in well with the rest of Moshi’s lineup.Made of a “high-resilience polymeric hybrid material,” Codex looks like brushed metal. Inside, it’s lined with memory foam and micro-fiber, to protect your Mac. It zippers shut to protect your computer when not in use, but doesn’t have to be removed when you’re working; the case still provides full access to the ports when opened.

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