Mods for Minecraft PE – Skins & Maps 1.4 For Android

This application will help you download all the newest skins / maps / texture / resource packs / addons and minecraft mods. All you have to do is simply choose the desired content and download it!

The collection of the app is incredibly wide: there’re various awesome maps / mods and minecraft skins for boys and girls, and everything you’ll ever need to play the game with joy.

Here’s a short list of the most popular skins / mod / servers and minecraft maps, etc in each category:

⚙️Addons and mods for Minecraft⚙️

Mounts and Car mods for MCPE
– Become a rider with horse mod
– High-speed drive with car mod
– Elytra Wings and airplanes for flying

Mob mods for MCPE
– Catch your own pixelmon with PokeCraft
– Nasty giant zombie
– Cute pets and animals mods for Minecraft PE
– True fantasy with dragons and unicorns
– Explore prehistoric time with Jurassic mod

Armor and weapon minecraft mods PE
– Become unbreakable with portal gun and desno gun
– Sword mods for Minecraft pe for the knights
– Blow up everything with tnt mod
– God power with Too many items mod

Biome and house mods for MCPE
– Decorate a house with furniture mod
– One of the most realistic shaders for minecraft
– Unique design with pocket decoration mod
– Lucky block mod to test your fortune
– Adrenaline tornado mod for Minecraft pe
– Set modern house mod and live in comfort


Movies and cartoons
– Famous superhero skins
– Kawaii anime
– Evil vampires
– Fase with the devils and demons
– Become Joker

– Horror with zombie skins for minecraft pe
– To the future with robots
– Scarry fnaf skins and sister location skins
– Become a pixelmon and catch yourself

– Prepare for wedding
– Unforgettable Halloween
– Dress warmer with Christmas and winter skins

Animal and Mob skins
– Various sea creatures
– Legendary Herobrine skins for mcpe
– Turn into the Werewolf of Ghost
– Fairy pony skins for mcpe

Other minecraft skins
– Invisible skin ideal for hide and seek
– Skins with capes and ears for the best detalization

Boy skins
– Brave warriors in camouflage

Girl skins for minecraft pe
– Swim in swimsuit with mermaids


Horror Minecraft maps pe
– Hard resistance in Wither Storm map
– Say hello zombie map for Minecraft pe
– Fnaf maps for mcpe for the real horror

Adventure maps
– Exciting Jurassic map
– Play hide and seek
– What will be your prison escape?
– Dodge faster in dropper maps for minecraft pe
– Hot lava run
– Catch all in pixelmon maps for mcpe

Town and city maps for Minecraft pe
– High security redstone maps
– Live in White house
– Quiet village

Pvp Minecraft maps
– Top-ranked bed wars map for minecraft
– Modern army base
– Incredible sky war map for minecraft
– Huge arena

Survival maps
– The hardest Skyblock
– Take a deep breath in aquarium
– Get out of the burning airplane

Parkour maps for Minecraft pe
– Slide in water park
– Go to the epic underwater city
– Test a parkour spiral map for Minecraft pe
– Climb on the Tree house

?Resource packs and Textures for Minecraft pe?

Horror texture packs for Minecraft pe
– Change the game with wither storm resource pack
– Scary fnaf texture packs

Cute texture packs
– High on sugar texture pack for girls
– Candy texture packs for the sweet tooth

Modern texture packs for Minecraft pe
– Lucky Block resource pack
– Modern hd texture pack
– Natural and realistic texture pack

Realistic texture packs for Minecraft pe
– Flows hd texture pack

?Seeds for Minecraft PE?
– Get a granny seed for Minecraft
– Rare survival island minecraft seeds
– Easy seed city for MCPE

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB. All rights reserved.
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Mods for Minecraft PE – Skins & Maps For Android 4.1+

Most Wallpaper Mods for Minecraft PE – Skins & Maps

Mods for Minecraft PE – Skins amp Maps 1.4 screenshots 1
Mods for Minecraft PE – Skins amp Maps 1.4 screenshots 1
Mods for Minecraft PE – Skins amp Maps 1.4 screenshots 2
Mods for Minecraft PE – Skins amp Maps 1.4 screenshots 2
Mods for Minecraft PE – Skins amp Maps 1.4 screenshots 3
Mods for Minecraft PE – Skins amp Maps 1.4 screenshots 3


Mods for Minecraft PE – Skins & Maps 1.4 For Android

Current Version : 1.4
Requires Android : Android 4.1+
APK Rating :
Installs : 50,000+
APK Vote : 572

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