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Mobee Technology Magic Feet We’ve been waiting almost a year for it, but now Mobee’s Magic Feet ($150) has finally launched. If you’ve ever wondered what you would get if you assembled the company’s Magic Charger and Magic Bar, wonder no more. Magic Feet is an all-in-one inductive charging unit for Mac users, and even adds a few bonus features for good measure.Designed to sit right in front of your iMac, Magic Feet looks a lot like Magic Bar, but on the top is an equally long inductive charging surface for a Magic Mouse. Included with the kit are a battery pack for Apple’s Wireless Keyboard or Magic Trackpad, and another for the Mouse. Unlike previous units, which relied on USB for power, this one requires a wall power outlet. It does, however, include a four USB port hub, which is a definite plus. Our initial impression is very positive: the build quality is solid, and we particularly like the look and feel of the aluminum. It’ll be up to you to determine if the somewhat high price tag is worth it, but the functionality is there for sure.

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