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Maclocks The Blade While MacBooks used to come with slots for security locking cables as a standard feature, Apple’s move toward producing ultra-thin MacBook Air and Retina Pro models has eliminated the ability to include this locking feature – there’s simply no room for it anymore. So, what to do if you’re concerned about securing your $1,000+ laptop at your workspace? Enter The Blade ($45) from, a company that has long specialized in physical security solutions for Macs. This latest universal bracket lock allows you to secure any sized MacBook while still providing a reasonably elegant and low-profile design.The Blade features an ultra-strong retractable locking slot that folds in under your MacBook when not in use — it attaches to the bottom of your MacBook with an industrial adhesive that can withstand up to 150 pounds of force. The Blade features a minimalist design that not only keeps it hidden from sight when you’re using your MacBook, but also elevates the MacBook slightly for better ergonomics and improved airflow and ventilation. A standard locking slot at the end of The Blade accommodates all standard locking cables and other solutions, so you can choose which lock works best for you while knowing that you’ll have somewhere to attach it with minimal fuss.

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