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Logitech MX Ergo Trackball After more than a decade of mice and trackpads, Logitech has brought back the classic trackball design in the form of MX Ergo, an advanced wireless trackball designed with a focus on both comfort and precision. Inspired by feedback from Logitech trackball users over the years, MX Ergo features an adjustable hinge for comfortable ergonomics and a precision tracking feature that allows users to quickly switch cursor speeds for finer-grained navigation.Logitech notes that MX Ergo reduces muscular strain by 20 percent compared to a standard mouse, with the adjustable hinge allowing the sideways angle to be increased from 0 to 20 degrees for better wrist posture. The shape has also been carefully sculpted to provide full palm and finger support and features a very comfortable grip that felt great to lay our hands onto. The trackball has a very smooth and natural feel to its spin, and a button directly above can be used to switch into “precision mode,” dramatically slowing down the cursor to allow you to precisely navigate within a smaller area. A built-in rechargeable battery promises up to four months of use on a full charge, and Logitech indicates that a quick one-minute charge will get you back to a full day of use should you find yourself suddenly out of power. Logitech’s Options software provides full customizability of all of the buttons — even the precision mode button can be reassigned to another function, providing more flexibility in apps where you don’t need fine-grained control. Logitech’s easy switch feature also allows MX Ergo to be paired with two Bluetooth devices, although we should note that it’s Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy, so if you’re using an older Mac you’ll need to use Logitech’s bundled USB Unifying receiver to pair it up instead. If you’re a trackball fan who has never quite adjusted to life with mice and trackpads, Logitech’s MX Ergo is the peripheral you’ve been waiting for.

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