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Kanex simpleDock It’s no secret that USB ports are always at a premium, especially when you’re using a MacBook with only two. There are plenty of hub solutions out there that add on extras, but Kanex’s simpleDock has to be one of the cooler ones. Made of silver-colored zinc and black plastic, it will look good next to your favorite Mac, and adds features other than just ports. Update: We’ve added additional thoughts from hands-on testing of a simpleDock, below!The tray-like setup has all of its inputs and outputs on the back. There are three USB 3.0 ports, plus a dedicated 10W charging port, suitable for most iPads and all iPhones and iPods. Additionally, there’s a USB input to connect to your Mac, Gigabit Ethernet, and power. The idea with this one is you’ll string through a cable from the back, underneath, and into the flat tray, which can hold your phone while it charges.As a complement to your desktop or laptop Mac, simpleDock is a really nice option. Its pound and a half weight and rubber bottom help keep the dock in place on your desk, which is important for something that might get tugged at during the day. The rubber-lined tray is sized well for an iPhone, although we generally prefer to keep phones in standing positions rather than laying down. Once you get all the cables arranged—something of a hassle, considering there will be at least a few due to the power cord—it should be a good solution, providing quick access to extra USB ports and more.

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