Kanex GoPower USB-C Portable Battery

how to Kanex GoPower USB-C Portable Battery

Kanex GoPower USB-C Portable Battery Apple’s 12” MacBook is amazingly thin and portable, but for many users that comes at a cost of limited battery life. Fortunately, Kanex has your back with the GoPower USB-C Portable Battery ($100) — at 15,000 mAh portable USB-C battery pack with enough juice to deliver a full charge to your MacBook. In addition to the USB-C port, a standard USB-A port allows you to simultaneously charge an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile or tablet device, with 2.4A of power for high-speed charging.Pass-through charging lets you also connect the GoPower in line with your MacBook and other devices, so you can leave it plugged in overnight to ensure everything is charged up and ready to go in the morning — your MacBook and other connected devices will get priority charging. The GoPower charges itself up once everything else is charged, and built-in circuit protection and smart charging capabilities ensure that your devices are safe while charging, while power status LEDs on the side let you know how much juice you have left.

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