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Just Mobile AluDisc It should come as a surprise to no one that Just Mobile is back at it again, with yet another handsome metal Mac accessory made to fill a need you might not even know you had. This time, it’s AluDisc ($70). If you guessed it’s a disc of aluminum, you’re right on. It’s a stand, giving your iMac or Apple display the ability to rotate 360 degrees. Updated with new photos and hands-on impressions!The aluminum circle is 11 inches in diameter, and just over three-quarters of an inch tall. Inside, there’s a ball-bearing system that allows it to easily spin all the way around. Just Mobile says this is great for reshaping your workspace, or even just accessing your ports without having to reach around blindly. We could see it being particularly useful in a business setting, where one might want to rotate an iMac to show what’s on the screen. Updated: Originally announced at the end of May, AluDisc is now actually shipping, and we’ve had an opportunity to try it out. The pedestal is quite big, with enough space to accommodate a 27” iMac or Thunderbolt Display leg with a little bit of room to spare on each side. Unlike the swirled silver top, the plastic bottom is completely covered in rubber, with a small gap to let the disc swivel in complete silence through 360 degrees of freedom. Our review sample looked great and worked perfectly, with the footprint as its only arguable issue; while it’s right-sized for Macs, it’s too big to fit properly atop Just Mobile’s Drawer, which we continue to love. If all you’re looking for is less than an inch of elevation and some rotation, consider it. We’re hoping to see a combo of the two ideas in a future sequel.

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