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Just Mobile AluBase We’re honestly surprised by just how many well-designed vertical MacBook stands we’ve seen over the past few years—as laptops continue to become more popular than desktop computers, an increasing number of companies are putting some real talent into crafting these holders. The latest is Just Mobile with AluBase ($50). Made for MacBook Pros—including the Retina display-equipped 15” model—as well as MacBook Airs, the stand does one job and it looks good doing it.AluBase is made from a single piece of aluminum, so it’s going to feel really solid without muddied-up seams or joints. Unlike some of the stands we’ve seen, Just Mobile includes multiple padded inserts for the different machines it supports. If you’re using an external display or just want to have your MacBook take up less room on your desk, make sure you give this stand a look.

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