Juiceboxx MacBook Charger Case

how to Juiceboxx MacBook Charger Case

Juiceboxx MacBook Charger Case Juiceboxx’s MacBook Charger Case ($20) is exactly what it claims to be — a two-piece hardshell case that snaps in place around a MacBook charger to prevent the cord from fraying. The polycarbonate case attaches to a charger — Juiceboxx currently offers cases for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro chargers — and the cord is threaded through a hole to the outside before snapping the case into place. A built-in groove still allows for winding the charger’s cord up for storage.Juiceboxx’s case is by no means a necessary product, but we do think it has some use, as we’ve seen MacBook charger cables become stressed before. Though we obviously haven’t tested it over time, the case appears to do a good job of keeping the cord from bending at a tight angle. And if nothing else, it adds a bit of flair to the charger — Juiceboxx’s case comes in six colors.

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