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iForte UNITI Stand Having started out as a Kickstarter project last spring, iForte’s UNITI Stand ($180 – $300) is now available as a slick and modern way to keep your iMac or Thunderbolt display organized on your desktop alongside your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device. The all-in-one stand is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum with a natural anodized finish that matches the Apple aesthetic, and it provides two viewing height options, along with a place to tuck away your keyboard and mouse. Two front USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5mm audio jack are located on the front to make connecting peripherals such as USB memory keys easy, and UNITI includes an integrated charging system for your mobile and tablet devices that’s designed to be case-friendly.UNITI is available in three different packages, allowing users to purchase the stand by itself, the Standard edition with a single cradle and cable adapter, or the Deluxe version – available in a choice of three colors – with two cradles and cable adapters. Cable adapters are available in either Lightning or Micro-USB versions, providing flexible charging options. If you’re using an iMac or Apple Display, a rear insert allows you to position your display raised to 40mm/1.57”, or you can simply set your display on top for a 60mm/2.36” elevation.

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