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Grovemade Laptop Stand Despite the shiny, high-tech look of Apple’s MacBooks, natural and wood-finished products still remain popular choices for accenting one’s work environment, helping to create a more eclectic look. Grovemade’s Laptop Stand ($120) joins the company’s collection of handcrafted wooden accessories. Crafted from multiple molded sheets of wood veneer, the stand provides a graceful curve that raises your MacBook screen for ergonomics while providing room beneath for expanded space on your desk — a great place to keep your MacBook accessories out the way.A precision cut aluminum stop lined with vegetable tanned leather prevents the MacBook from sliding off the front of the stand. The stand is available in either maple or walnut, hand-sanded and finished with high-quality natural oils, and is designed to match the rest of Grovemade’s Desk Collection of accessories, providing a unified look to your workspace.

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