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how to ECBC Trident Messenger Bag

ECBC Trident Messenger Bag Most of our editors subscribe to the “smaller is better” school of thinking when it comes to both MacBooks and bags, but we appreciate that many users still prefer bigger machines. For them—or anyone else who just needs to carry around every accessory they can think of—ECBC’s Trident Messenger Bag ($120) is worthy of consideration. We’ve seen bags with lots of pockets, but this nylon satchel is definitely near the top of the list.Measuring roughly 19” by 13”, Trident will fit any MacBook except the recently discontinued 17” Pro. Thanks to the sturdy nylon material, the bag really feels like it can really take a beating. It’s water resistant and has a TSA-friendly holder for your computer. Pockets hold everything from pens and your iPhone to a water bottle and really anything else you might want to bring with you.

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