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Dev-Audio Microcone If you’ve ever tried to record an in-person meeting on your Mac’s mic, or even on an external microphone, then you know how difficult it can be to deal with a bunch of different voices all on the same channel. Dev-Audio’s Microcone ($359) is made to solve that problem—the company calls it an intelligent microphone array for groups. Inside the hexagonal accessory are seven omnidirectional condenser mics, which can be used in a mix or separately with beam-forming DSP assistance to capture six separate audio channels at the same time.Marketed towards users recording meetings, podcasts, interviews, or any other sort of group discussions, Microcone connects to your Mac over USB. Download the free companion app from the Mac App Store, and you can control each of the six individual channels, plus the combined feed. It’s a pretty good looking device too, and smaller than we would’ve imagined.

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