Côte&Ciel Diver Sleeve for Evernote

how to Côte&Ciel Diver Sleeve for Evernote

Côte&Ciel Diver Sleeve for Evernote For many people, Evernote has become an essential tool—a smart app with a great ecosystem that just makes sense. The company has started to branch out, moving into the accessories market with items such as last year’s Moleskine notebook, and its new collaboration with Post-it Notes. Now add to that list Côte&Ciel’s Diver Sleeve for Evernote. Where does a MacBook sleeve fit in to the equation? It frankly doesn’t. But it does look pretty nice.Côte&Ciel actually innovated with this branded sleeve, rather than sticking with styles that have been used in the past. The body is made of splash-resistant neoprene, and instead of a zipper, it uses the elasticity of the material to keep your computer in place. Nylon pull tabs at either end make insertion and removal easy. Diver Sleeve for Evernote comes 13” and 15” sizes.

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