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Cooler Master L-Stand Cooler Master has been at the top of its game lately with a collection of intriguing MacBook stands. Jas Pro looks and feels great when you’re actually using your machine; now L-Stand ($65) offers a stylish solution for a laptop that’s hooked up to an external display or just charging on your desk. Designed to fit any MacBook Air or Pro—even the discontinued 17-incher—this metal frame is just as artistic as it is functional. Updated September 18, 2012 with hands-on pictures!Like all of Cooler Master’s best stuff, L-Stand relies heavily on metal, in this instance sandblasted aluminum. A holder juts out perpendicular to the base, and both pieces are lined with rubber to prevent scratching. It looks like it’ll be a great match for the Thunderbolt Display. We’ll have a unit in our hands soon, with additional pictures and thoughts to follow.

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