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Cooler Master Jas Pro Cooler Master does its best work when it’s sculpting metal, and its latest stand—Jas Pro ($70)—is no exception. It’s made to be used with MacBooks but also supports iPads, and is advertised as a way to either elevate your computer for typing, or hold it upright for use with an external display.Jas Pro combines aluminum and rubber in a pretty attractive design that won’t scratch your Mac. The stand folds flat for travel and measures 10.3” x 5.5” x 0.9” when compacted. It’s adjustable to a wide variety of angles depending on just how deeply recessed you want your computer to be. Unlike most of the aluminum stands we’ve seen, Jas Pro has been finished beautifully on all of its sides and edges, using a combination of gentle bevels and chrome, diamond, and swirled metal finishes to look as nice from every angle as it feels. It’s definitely not the least expensive Mac stand around, but it’s pretty versatile, and looks worthy of its asking price.

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