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Cooler Master Clutch It’s hard to feel anything but love for designers of beautiful and substantial-feeling accessories. Cooler Master had a rough start with its plasticy iPad/MacBook stand Arc, but its more recent metal creations have been gorgeous minimalist designs, fusing aluminum and rubber together with Apple-rivaling panache. Its latest stand Clutch (~$60) is another stunner, featuring two chromed sides and tight bevels that will look great when holding your MacBook Pro or Air upright, particularly when paired with a Thunderbolt Display.Clutch is nearly as elegant of a stand as they come: a single piece of aluminum with a MacBook Pro-sized groove in the middle. Since the rubber insert within the groove is non-removable, and lacking for size adjustability, it’s better suited to pre-Retina 13”, 15”, and 17” machines but it can also fit that model and Airs. Matching rubber pads on the bottom keep it still and safe when placed on a desk, and you can choose whether to place it in a narrow or wide orientation—only the latter will show off the two chromed sides, which resemble the mirrored Apple logo on iMac computers.

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