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how to Chrome Tactical Sleeve

Chrome Tactical Sleeve It may be missing the company’s trademark seat-belt buckle, but don’t be fooled: Tactical Sleeve ($40) is every bit a Chrome product. Coming in 13” and 15” sizes, the laptop holder is made in the United States, and the rugged aesthetic matches the company’s other bags, accessories, and apparel. Plus, it comes in red or black versions.Chrome didn’t get too crazy with the design of this MacBook sleeve, but it choose to use a cool material. “Military grade truck tarp” isn’t just a marketing term—this feels like something that’d be used out in the field, and it should help protect your computer from splashes and dirt. Our only complaint is with the extremely loud Velcro that holds Tactical Sleeve shut: it’s as firm as can be, but you’re not going to sneak your MacBook out of this sleeve given the material’s density.

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