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Chrome Citadel Huge. Really huge. Seeing Chrome’s Citadel ($190) in person, it’s hard for the first thought to be about anything except the size of the company’s largest laptop backpack. Moving on past that, you’ll discover a really high-quality bag, the likes of which we’ve come to expect from Chrome. According to the company, it’s designed for “weekend adventure trips where laptops are required.” Citadel is made of weatherpoof nylon, and lined with waterproof truck-tarpaulin liner.As it’s 21” tall, expect to be able to pack quite a bit. Along with a padded pocket that holds your MacBook—up to a 17” Pro—there’s plenty of room for all sorts of other stuff. There’s even a pocket on top that rolls up when not in use. The one thing that’s missing is Chrome’s signature seatbelt buckle, but we won’t hold that against the bag.

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