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how to Chrome Bravo Laptop Backpack

Chrome Bravo Laptop Backpack Most of the MacBook-ready backpacks we’ve seen are soft, brightly colored, and ready to keep your laptop snug at school. Chrome’s bags generally take a completely different tack: ruggedized and dark-toned, they’re designed to be used in urban and harsh outdoor environments, with atypically durable materials. Bravo ($160) is an example of Chrome’s philosophy writ large: this unusually capacious waterproof backpack screams “take me anywhere,” as it’s built with a Cordura shell, military-grade truck tarp liner, and weatherproof zippers.While the 13.75” wide by 20.25” tall by 5.5” deep Bravo is physically big enough to seem like overkill for MacBook Airs, its dedicated—but notably not padded—laptop compartment holds up to 15” MacBook Pros without complaint, making this a particularly worthwhile option for certain users of Apple’s biggest portable machines. Thankfully, there is foam padding for your back, and ergonomic straps for your arms, particularly welcome here because the top of the bag opens to accommodate pretty much anything you want to try to balance inside, doubling in capacity from 20L to 40L as needed. Three color combinations are available.

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