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Bluelounge Kickflip Anyone who’s used a laptop for an extended period of time—that is, most people—can tell you that it can get uncomfortable to type on after a few hours. Bluelounge isn’t the first company to address this issue with an accessory, but its minimalist approach may really appeal to some users. Kickflip comes in two different versions, one for 13” MacBooks ($18), and one for 15” computers ($20)Simply stick Kickflip onto the bottom of your MacBook using its reusable adhesive, and you’re ready to go. On its own, the accessory adds just a little bit of height, but a fold out stand mechanism lifts the backend even higher to a more comfortable typing angle. There’s a satisfying but small click when the stand folds completely out or in. All of this is accomplished without much extra bulk or extra accessories to carry around.

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