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Bluelounge Jimi Apple’s decision to hide the USB ports on the back of its iMac computers makes connectivity a little challenging for detachable accessories such as flash drives—reaching around to the back every time you want to attach or detach something can be inconvenient. Bluelounge’s Jimi ($15) solves this by using a J-shaped USB extender to relocate the port to the bottom of the iMac’s front. USB 3.0-certified, the extender also makes the port horizontal rather than vertical.Designed for current-generation iMacs, Jimi can also be used with the thicker prior-generation model, though the USB port will remain hidden out of sight just below the computer’s larger chin. It’s made from a mostly rigid black plastic, and there are no frills or other pack-ins besides the extender. Bluelounge notes that Jimi works with all four of the USB ports on the 21” iMac, and three of the four ports on the 27” iMac, should you want to relocate more than one by buying multiple units.

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