Belkin Loft for MacBook

how to Belkin Loft for MacBook

Belkin Loft for MacBook MacBook stands aren’t the most complicated accessories out there, and they don’t need to be. Consider Belkin’s Loft for MacBook ($60), which is elegantly designed to do one thing—raise your computer up off your desk—and do it well. You may be able to use a phonebook or two to do the same thing, but this will look a heck of a lot better.Made of Mac-matching metal, Loft ships in three pieces. The bottom foot and top pedestal snap together around a cable management ring. Once together, your Mac sits at a slightly downward-sloping angle, with a rubber grip keeping it firmly in place. If we could ask for anything else from the design, it would be an adjustable angle, but it’s not a necessity.

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