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Atech Flash Technology iDuo2Go Atech Flash Technology’s iDuo2Go ($25) falls squarely in the “two birds with one stone” category. It combines two separate accessories into one, eliminating the need to carry extra peripherals around. A USB 3.0 SD Card reader is melded together with a classic 30-pin Dock Connector, giving Mac users the ability to transfer SD card photos to their computers, or sync older iPods, iPhones, and iPads—but not to use the card reader with iOS devices.The ideal customer for this product is an owner of a current generation, 11” MacBook Air who still carries around an older iPad, iPhone, or iPod. A switch on the side allows it to toggle between sync/charge mode for your Dock Connector device, and card reading capabilities. While the cord is thicker than a standard charging cable, we did notice increased transfer speeds compared to our standard card reader, even on a MacBook Air with USB 2.0. It’s a bit unusual, but for the price, a useful little accessory.

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