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Artwizz Induction Charger Pro Induction Charger Pro (€50/~$66) isn’t the first wireless charging system for the Magic Mouse we’ve come across, or even the first from Artwizz; we’ve previously covered Mobee’s The Magic Charger and Artwizz’s own Induction Charger after that. Although it’s similar in design to the earlier iteration, this version of the charging pad features modest improvements that make it worth a look. The idea is the same, though: pop the included battery pack in your Magic Mouse, plug the charger into a USB port or wall adapter, and just toss the mouse on when you want it to charge.The first thing we noticed about Induction Charger Pro is that it’s much smaller than the standard Induction Charger: it’s been significantly slimmed down to the point where it’s just a bit wider and longer than the mouse itself. Artwizz stuck with the same nice materials as before, including an aluminum frame and a glossy white top surface. The company lists “replaceable covers” and “connecting an additional battery charger kit” as features of this particular unit, although neither were in the package.

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