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Apparent Doxie Go Plus Apparent has taken its Doxie Go scanner up a notch with its new Doxie Go Plus ($179), which takes all of the features of the company’s earlier ultra-portable scanner and improve upon them – better image quality, 3X better battery life, and better paper feeding – and all for $20 less than the prior model when it first launched.As with its predecessor, you get a scanner that’s small enough to keep in your drawer or carry around in your laptop bag until you need it, with everything you need to scan while on the go. Built-in memory lets you store up to 450 documents, or you can pop in an SD card of your own for even more storage. This time, the rechargeable battery lets you scan up to 300 pages between charges at 300 dpi, or you can push the scanning resolution up to 600 dpi to trade off battery life and storage for higher-quality scans. Doxie also includes an improved version of its Mac app, allowing you to create searchable PDFs, as well as send scans directly to your favorite apps and cloud services such as Dropbox, OneNote, and Evernote.

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